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About Logan Clinic

Many families can’t afford insurance premiums and “take their chances” they will stay healthy and avoid injuries. Logan Clinic offers an affordable alternative to gambling with your health.

Providing outstanding medical care and a after hours access pass to your healthcare provider, our Direct Primary Care medical model is like a healthcare co-op. Your dues entitle you to physicals, chronic disease management, minor procedures and coordination of care with hospital emergency rooms or specialists without the complexity of deductibles, co-pays, or inflated prices.

There are no costs for office visits, home or nursing home visits, and no limit to the visits allowed. Visit our membership page to learn how Logan Clinic can help you focus on your health not on the cost of health care.

About our Staff

The Logan Medical Clinic is staffed by physician assistant Nancy Kisner with Dr. Daniel J. Sanchez, M.D as medical director.

Nancy Kisner, PA-C

Nancy Kisner, PA-C

Nancy has been involved in emergency and family medicine since the 1980s; first as a respiratory therapist in ICU and ER and for the last 19 years as a physician assistant in western Kansas. She worked as a primary care provider in Greensburg for eight years - before, during and after the EF-5 tornado destroyed 95% of the town. She has since worked for Docs Who Care, an organization that helps small hospitals by providing coverage for their ER, hospital and clinics. She has worked for 29 hospitals in Kansas all told, covering their ICU's, emergency departments and acting as relief for overworked local providers. She also volunteers for disaster/humanitarian relief organizations in Haiti, Guatemala and the Philippines, as well as in the United States wherever disaster strikes. She has two grown daughters, one of whom lives in Wichita. The other is married and lives in Phoenix, AZ. Her whole family is artistic and musical, and Nancy enjoys playing piano and singing in her spare time. She says small towns are the heart of our country, and places where the word “community” means you know your neighbors by name and care about their wellbeing. Nancy enjoys being a part of the Logan community, and is appreciative of the warm welcome she has received.

Deb DIllon

Deb DIllon

Debbie has been an RN in health care since 1983, in multiple settings and capacities. She has worked 15 years in hospital settings, serving in the emergency department, CCU, ICU and post-operative recovery unit. She also assisted with specialty procedures, giving IV sedation to patients in the outpatient setting and in pain clinic centers. She worked in the Emergency Medical Service Tent for 8 years at the Country Stampede in Manhattan Ks, in conjunction with Riley County EMS. She has spent 15 years as a Flight Nurse and is still currently serving in this capacity. She responds for transfers from hospital to hospital, and is called to emergencies at the scene of an accident on our local Highways and Interstates. She served the Logan Clinic with Mary Beth VanRoekel for 3 and a half years, and as been with us 2 and a half years, serving a total of 6 years at Logan's clinic. She has four grown children, and loves to spend time with her family and especially her grandchildren when she has time off, which isn't very often! As a lifelong resident of Phillips County, she is uniquely qualified to serve the people who live here. Her heart is as big as her smile!

Deb DIllon

Dr. Daniel Sanchez, M.D.

Dr. Daniel Sanchez is a family medicine physician. He joined the staff at Rooks County Health Center in 1993, and continues to care for his patients at their hospital and outreach clinics. Dr. Sanchez treats preventative care as a number one priority, in order to fix risk factors before they cause chronic health problems. Direct Primary Care is of interest to Dr. Sanchez due to this interest in preventative care. By being able to spend more time with each individual patient, Dr. Sanchez believes providers are able to focus on reducing risk by maintaining screening tests and observing signs of disease early. Dr. Sanchez has his Doctor of Medicine degree from Loma Linda University in California. His family medicine residency was completed at Saint Joseph Hospital in Denver, CO. He resides in Plainville with his wife, Karen, and has two children. He is also an avid bicyclist, and in addition to a desire for routine fitness, he completes lengthy cross-country rides several times per year.