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Why should I pay a membership for healthcare? 

Login Clinic is a Direct Primary Care (DPC) clinic, which means you pay a low monthly cost for unlimited access to a healthcare provider for your general health and wellness needs. DPC is not a replacement for catastrophic health insurance. Even with insurance, it’s easy for traditional fee-for-service health care costs to add up. One trip to the emergency room for after-hours care could add up to several months or more of clinic membership. Logan Clinic gives you affordable access to personalized health and wellness care – when and where you need it.


Age Cost / Month
0-18 Years $10
19-44 Years $50
45-64 Years $60
65+ Years $50/$70

Discounts for family membership at 15% off total amount and special options for Medicare recipients are available. The clinic reserves the right to adjust the monthly fee based on demonstrated financial hardship. For more information, call the clinic at (785) 689-7464.